Tattoo Contests 2024


Best Booth

Japanese Traditional

Color Realism

Black and Grey Realism

Tattoo of the day 10pm


Small Black and Grey

(4 Inches or under)

Medium Black and Gray

(5-8 Inches)
Large Black and Gray

(8 inches and above)

Small Color

(4 Inches or under)

Medium Color

(5-8 Inches)

Large Color

(8 inches and above)

Black and Gray Sleeve

Best Back Piece

Best Chest Piece

Best Leg Sleeve

Best Anime
Best Tiny

(1 inch and under)

Tattoo of the Day 10pm


Most Unusual

Worst Tattoo

American Traditional

Neo Traditional

Free Hand

Tattoo of the Day 5pm

Best of Show

Tattoos can be healed or done at the expo. This excludes BEST OF DAY and BEST OF SHOW. All judges are impartial and unbiased. All tattoos will be judged equally. Artist of the tattoo will only be announced during award presentation. ** Please see your artist before completion so they can help you clean your tattoo. Do not clean your tattoo in the public rest room. It causes a health hazard to you and other patrons. Thank you!


How do I get tattooed at the show?

To get tattooed at the convention, you can go to the show and see who is available for walk up clients OR you can make an appointment with an artist beforehand. You can find a list of artists attending each show on our site under the artist section. Then just click on their name to be sent to their website or social media, to contact them directly.

How much are tattoos?

The cost of a tattoo is completely and totally up to each individual artist. We do not give out price quotes for tattoos. Please contact an artist!

Does my ticket purchase (price) go to part of my tattoo.

No, your ticket purchase does not contribute to the price of your tattoo. Your ticket purchase DOES make the Niagara Tattoo Expo possible. This event would not be possible without your support! Thank you!